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Rules and Regulations

Mill Creek Extended Stay RV Park


Landlord has the full authority to enforce the Rules and Regulations herein and shall be allowed to modify them in its sole discretion.

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● Tenant Guests must register at the Resort Office. Tenant takes full responsibility for Tenant’s actions and the actions of Tenant’s Guests. All guests must register at the office. (See Contract)
● No one not registered with the Landlord as an Occupant may stay overnight in a vehicle/RV on the Lot without the Landlord’s prior consent.


● You will need to make provisions to get a post office box at the post office. WE DO NOT ACCEPT DAILY MAIL.
● Post office boxes may be rented at the Pigeon Forge or Sevierville Post Office or you can set up mail services at the local UPS and FedEx.


● Lots are limited to 2 dogs per lot.
● All pets must be current on vaccinations at all times. Tenant must provide record of vaccinations to Landlord if requested.
All pet waste must be cleaned up immediately, whether on your Lot or common areas. Pet waste must be placed in plastic bags and tied before being deposited into the Resort dumpsters. Do not allow your dogs to use other individual’s tires and property for their fire hydrant.
● Tenant is responsible for maintaining control of their pets at all times, and are liable for any damage caused by their pets. All pets must have and wear a collar with an ID tag.
● Pets must be kept on a leash at all times and are prohibited from entering other lots or Resort Facilities and Park Facilities.
● Do not leave your pets unattended inside or outside your RV. Barking or aggressive pets will not be tolerated and may result in termination of this Agreement.
● Absolutely no rope/wire clotheslines or dog runs between trees.


● Maximum RV length allowed in the Resort is 40 feet.
● Tenant and Tenant’s Guests agree to comply with ALL Rules and Regulations. From time to time, the Rules and Regulations may change and it is the Tenant’s Guest responsibility to secure a current listing of all Rules and Regulations from the Resort Office or website at mcresort.com. Landlord reserves the right to terminate the Agreement without prior notice if the Tenant or Tenant’s Guests, in Landlord’s sole judgment, create a disturbance or nuisance or deliberately break any of the Rules and Regulations.
● All trash must be disposed of at the dumpster. The dumpsters are for your household trash/garbage (food, waste, etc.) only. No building debris, appliances, furniture, electronics, holding tanks, tires, lawn chairs, grills, garbage cans, large boxes or metal shall be disposed of within the dumpsters. Please take these items back home with you, or speak to the Resort Management regarding disposal of these items.
● Turn off outside lights so not to disturb your neighbors.
● All fireworks, archery equipment, slingshots, bb guns and paintball guns are prohibited.
● Only one camping unit is permitted per designated lot. Children (not adults) may use tents on the Lot, with the approval of the Landlord. Any tents may not be erected before 8:00 p.m., and must be taken down by 10:00 a.m. the following morning. No tents are permitted outside of tent area without prior approval of Landlord.
● The RV must be owned by and registered in Tenant’s name.
● No trees or limbs may be cut down. If a tree needs trimmed, please contact Resort Management.
● Tenants may not cut through other lots, remove or use anything located at another lot.
● Campfires are allowed in fire rings only and must always be attended. The use of accelerants to start fires is absolutely prohibited. Only clean wood, free of nails, metal or sharp objects, shall be used. Fire rings must not be used if trees, trailers or any flammable objects are nearby, and must be at least seven
(7) feet from adjoining lot. No plastic or rubbish is to be burned. Fires started with paper goods must not emit burning cinders. Pallets are not to be burned. Wood must be stacked neatly towards the rear of your lot, but not affecting nearby lots, or in utility/right-of-way zones behind lot.
● Tenants must keep out of electric or cable boxes. YOU MUST CONTACT THE RESORT MANAGEMENT FIRST if you are having a problem with your utilities, or are aware of a problem with the utilities.
● All Tenants must carry general liability insurance to cover all activities undertaken by themselves or any guests, and shall provide current proof of this insurance to Landlord.
● Tenant agrees to use the Lot for camping only
Quiet time is between the hours of 10:00 pm and 8:00 am. Excessive noises created by Tenant or Tenant’s Guests will not be tolerated.
● The use of illegal drugs in the Resort is strictly prohibited.


● Tenant must have a rubber donut or plastic connection to prevent sewage hose from being sucked into the main sewage line.
● Sewer hose must be in good condition and absolutely no leaks or cracks or it will be removed without notice. If your RV is the cause of a sewage backup, you will be charged a $100.00 cleanup fee.
● Tenant shall maintain the Lot clean and clutter free at all times and your RV must be kept free and clear of streaks, mold, and unsightliness etc… Storage of material of any type under a RV or vehicle is strictly prohibited.
● Lot must remain free from trash, debris, and unused items other than a patio table, chairs, BBQ grill, umbrella and awning. All garbage must be put in the dumpster. No garbage may be left outside RV. No putting debris/articles at the street for pickup without Resort Management approval.
● Landlord is not responsible for the removal of mice, squirrels, bees, ants or other undesirable pests from the Lot.
● Clotheslines are not allowed to be strung within the Resort. You may use a small portable stand clothesline, but it must not be left outside overnight.
● No signs may be erected without Landlord’s approval.
● No more than eight potted plants allowed and must not be on grass. NO OUTSIDE WATER HOSES PERMITTED.
● Landlord reserves the right at any time to require the removal of any item from any Lot or to remove or disassemble anything item built or erected on any Lot.
● Prior to any improvement being made to any Lot, erecting and/or building anything on any Lot, Tenant first must obtain written approval from Landlord.
● No Political or pride flags allowed on property.


● All items (grills, chairs, picnic tables, deck furniture, misc items etc.) need to be put on the deck/patio area when you leave. All wood must be put under your RV if you have a fire pit.
● Water hoses must be placed under your RV and sewer hoses must be placed on stand and not placed on ground. Any extra hose or electric lines, including coax cable, need to be coiled up and fastened to the RV OFF the ground. Landlord will not be responsible for any damage to water or sewer hoses or any wires or lines from weed eater.
● Please do not put any flags, solar or swinging lights, ornaments etc in the grass area.
● Any plants, flowers, etc. around your camper or deck MUST have some type of border surrounding them. We need this border so that we can properly trim grass around that area. Also, anything inside of that border must be properly maintained by Tenant.


● Must have a rubber washer between hose and the spigot.
● Tenant is responsible to make sure the hoses and water box do not leak any water. If you find that your campsite/RV unit is leaking and you are unable to stop the water leakage, please notify the office immediately. Please check around your RV often to make sure there are no water leaks. If your RV is found leaking water when the site is inspected you will be charged $25.00 fee for each occurrence.
● There will be no washing of vehicles, which includes but is not limited to recreational vehicles, trucks, cars, etc. We do have companies that come in and do RV washing. Please check with the office for the list.
● Tenants are not permitted to water their lawns, nor wash their cars. Flowers can be watered with watering can only.
● Resort Management recommends you have water pressure regulators. Landlord is not responsible for damage to vehicles or RVs due to change in water pressure.
● Water hoses and connections must be free of leaks and inspected periodically and replaced as necessary. Only brass or plastic Y fittings are permitted for your hoses. Please shut off your water at the hydrant/spigot before leaving the Resort for an extended period to reduce and/or eliminate water line leaks or breaks. Landlord has the right to remove and discard any faulty hose or plumbing.


● A fee will be charged for moving any trailers or other camping vehicles, decks or sheds. The rate for moving shall be set by Landlord, but at a minimum of $50.00. Tenant agrees and hereby releases Landlord, and its officers, owners and employees of all liability for loss or damages to property during the move.
● Tenant and Tenant’s Guests understand that the Landlord, and its officers, owners and employees are not responsible for damage to Tenant’s RV due to movement of RV or any other vehicle when such movement was requested by Tenant. Tenant also understands that there is no security protection system in effect at the Resort at any time during the year and that Tenant assumes all responsibility and liability for their RV and/or possessions while they are used and/or stored at the Resort. In the event the Resort Management becomes aware that an RV is damaged when the owner is not at the Resort (in season or off season), the Resort Management will attempt to contact the owner by calling a designated number listed on your personal information form.


● Tenant must report any disturbances or abuse of Resort Facilities and Park Facilities to Resort Management immediately.
● Violence/abuse of any kind, verbal or otherwise, or threats by anyone, of any age, or public use of profanity is STRICTLY prohibited and will lead to eviction and/or prosecution.
● The use of alcoholic beverages is permissible only if used responsibly by adults over the age of 21 and only on their Lot. All alcoholic beverages must be in a covered container. Driving an automobile or a golf cart after drinking and/or while drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited.
● Any damage to cable, phone or water lines, or other equipment on any Lot, or any property located on or in any of the Resort Facilities, Park Facilities or common areas, is the responsibility of Tenant causing said damage and may result in eviction from the Resort.
● Parking areas in front of the arcade/laundry are for clubhouse/laundry and shower use. Any long-term parking is to the left of the clubhouse/laundry facility between the clubhouse/laundry facility and the dumpster. Parking for the pool is along the fence in front of the pool. Please keep roads free of vehicles in case of an emergency.
● No alcoholic beverages or glass containers are permitted in pool areas. Absolutely no intoxicated persons permitted around pool area.
● Tenants and Tenant’s Guests must observe all Rules and Regulations at all times.


● Only the RV listed in the Agreement, vehicles registered with Landlord and the Tenants are allowed to stay overnight on a Lot except with the prior approval of the Landlord.


● All automobiles must adhere to 5MPH speed limits within the Resort. You will receive only one (1) warning.
● Two vehicles only per Lot. Vehicles must be able to be parked on your own Lot NOT on someone else’s lot or parked on any vacant lot. If you are parked on a vacant lot, you will be charged. Parking is limited to a maximum of two (2) vehicles per lot, provided your lot can accommodate two vehicles. No commercial vehicles may be parked at the Resort. Additional parking is available near the dumpsters. Absolutely no parking on the roads, public areas, playground, or on other sites not leased by you.
● Mechanical repairs or bodywork and maintenance performed on the Lot to automobiles or RVs are strictly prohibited.
● All Tenant vehicles must display MCR s on front passenger window. Tenant’s Guests must display a visitor pass on vehicle dash.
● Autos and golf carts must be parked in your site or designated areas only. Do not park in unoccupied or occupied neighboring sites without permission from Resort Management.


● All quests must register at the office.
● There shall be no sub-leasing of the camper/RV or of family or friends staying without Lessee present. If your RV or Park Model is sold, the existing site assignment is not automatically transferred from the prior owner to the new owner. A new lease must be executed or an assignment approved in writing with approval from management.
● No daily babysitting is allowed.
● If you are going on vacation and taking your RV with you please notify the office.
● Security cameras on your RV are allowed only at the immediate entry door.


● Privately owned golf carts / motorized vehicles are not covered by the LANDLORD’S liability insurance; therefore Tenants owners must have their own insurance and show proof upon request. Tenant accepts full liability for property and personal injury resulting from the operation of said golf carts to
Tenants, Occupants, Tenant’s Guests, other persons or property. Operators MUST have a VALID DRIVER’S LICENSE! All golf carts must follow the 5 MPH speed limit and must be driven in accordance with the one-way flow of traffic. Do not ride on grass. Golf carts / motorized vehicles must be equipped with lights to be ridden after dark.
● Recreation vehicles, such as dirt bikes, go-carts, four wheelers, gas or electric scooters, in addition to skateboards and rollerblades are prohibited in the Resort. Only four-wheeled electric carts are allowed in the Resort, including handicapped carts/scooters.


● Helmets are not required for cyclists in Tennessee, except where the cyclist is under the age of sixteen.
T.C.A §55-52-105 requires persons under sixteen to wear a helmet, and prohibits parents from knowingly allowing children under the age of twelve to ride without a helmet.
● No bicycles are permitted on the Resort roads past dusk.
The following rules apply to all children within the Resort:
● Children under 12 may not be left alone within the Resort without adult supervision. No one under age 21 may be left at the Resort overnight without supervision by an adult over age 21.
● Children are not permitted to play on the road at any time.
● The Activities Center and Playground are unsupervised. Parents take full responsible to watch their children. Landlord will not be responsible in any way for accidents or injury.


There is NO lifeguard. Swim at your own risk.
● Children must be supervised at all times in the pool area no one under14 yrs old is allowed without supervision and must know how to swim.
● Parents take full responsible to watch their children. Landlord will not be responsible in any way for accidents or injury.
● Any form of indecent exposure will lead to eviction from the Resort.
● Adult supervision required.
● Slides and any metal can get very hot from the sun-USE CAUTION.
● Abide by the rules that are posted at the playground.
● Playground and activity areas hours: 9:00 AM – Dusk.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]